As we are wholesalers, the goods are available in larger packages of 50-100-500-1000 etc. pieces of each item.

Why is there no price list?

We are importers, so our prices depend on the USD and EUR rates. Also, the global prices of raw materials are changing. The suppliers’ terms of delivery are not permanent either, so we have to adapt to their current conditions. This means that our prices may not only increase, but also decrease on a monthly or half-yearly basis.

Product range on the website and in the shop

Our product range is always growing and changing in response to our customers’ needs. For this reason it may happen that we run out of stock with respect to an item you see on the website, while, on the other hand, you may find new accessories and beads in the shop which have not yet been shown on the website. That is why we recommend to our customers to visit us and make sure of the wide variety and quality of our products in person.

Some of the parts presented in the catalogue are available only in large quantities, upon individual order. Please call our store for details.

Is it possible for private customers to buy our products?

Of course it is possible, at wholesale prices and without a minimum order quantity.
We can provide postal delivery only within the territory of Hungary!